Air Freight: The Best Choice
for Shipping Livestock

Live animal transportation is desired for a variety of reasons. Pets or service dogs for the blind and visually impaired may be included. They could be zoo animals or species being moved for scientific purposes, animal breeding for agriculture, food being transported for slaughter, or sporting or zoological animals. Long-distance animal transport is considered unnecessarily cruel and should be avoided wherever possible. So, the only quick choice for long-distance travel is to use an airplane.

Key Factors Considered When Shipping Livestock by Air

When deciding how best to ship an animal by air, several essential factors must be considered to ensure the safety and welfare of the animal involved. The type of animal being transported will play a significant role in deciding what kind of crate or container is needed and what food and water need to accompany the animal during travel.
It is also essential to consider both airports’ climate and weather conditions to determine if any special accommodations need to be made for the animal. Finally, the flight length is also an essential consideration as shorter flights will typically have less impact on an animal than a longer one.

General Tips for Successful Shipments of Livestock by Air

There are several things that owners can do to help ensure a successful shipment when transporting live animals by air. First, it is vital to choose an airline with experience shipping live animals to avoid any potential problems during travel. Once you have selected an airline, be sure to contact them well in advance of your travel date and notify them that you will be traveling with a pet or other live animal.

Also, ensure you have all required paperwork ready before arriving at the airport, so there are no delays in getting your animal safely loaded onto the plane. Following these simple tips should help make shipping live animals by air a successful and stress-free experience for all involved!

How to Prepare for Shipping Livestock by Air

When shipping live animals, it is essential to follow all the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the animal and the people involved. Here are the steps you need to take before shipping live animals:

The first step in shipping live animals is to ensure that the animal is healthy and fit to travel. A certified veterinarian should thoroughly examine the animal and provide a health certificate that states that the animal is free of any disease and can travel. The animal should also be vaccinated and have all the necessary paperwork.

The second step is to book travel with an airline that accepts live animals. Not all airlines accept live animals, so checking with the airline before booking travel is essential.

When making a reservation, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Species being transported and the appropriate care that must be taken with each one
  • Necessary specifications for containers to fit in the aircraft’s hold
  • Exclusive carrier rules and regulations for particular species
  • Rules and regulations governing the species in the destination country
  • The most suitable direct route permitted by the importing country
  • Dispatch date

Considerations that consider these requirements must be added if your live animals need to be transported with food, water, or at a specific temperature. Make sure your animals have enough food and water to last the trip. You need to pack your animal’s crate with plenty of bedding and food and attach a water dish to the inside of the crate.

A larger animal can also benefit from being sedated on a long journey. You can ask your veterinarian what sedatives and dosages would be appropriate for your animal.

Most services demand that you obtain authorization beforehand via an International Special Commodities contract if you decide to transfer your live animals internationally via the postal system. Your preferred shipping company may offer this document. This document must be obtained before hiring a reputable pet shipper.

Import Permit, Health Certification, and Shipper’s Certificate are the minimal paperwork required by shippers for the overseas shipping of live animals.

If you are shipping live animals from the USA, you might need to get your paperwork approved by the USDA Import/Export Office. You can accomplish this by scheduling a meeting at your neighborhood USDA office.

The best way to ship live animals by air is to use a professional pet shipping company. These companies are experienced in shipping live animals and will take care of all the necessary details. They will also provide you with support and assistance if there are any problems with the shipment. It is also essential to follow all the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the animal and the people involved.

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